British Muslims call on Parliament to safeguard religious freedom and the right of parents towards their children’s upbringing

The proposed legislation on Relationships Education, and the proposed government policy on this issue, has caused deep concern to a large number of parents -those of faith and no faith – about the future of their children.

Muslim parents are extremely perturbed to learn about the proposed legislation and call on Parliament to reflect on the fundamental value of religious freedom and the right of parents to oversee their child’s learning and upbringing.

Muslims believe in inclusivity and protection of rights of all members of British society without discrimination of any kind. To uphold such values and respect towards all is and can be furthered through citizenship education. However, the potential “sexualisation” of children from a tender and innocent age and the blurring of individual religious freedoms of British communities and citizens undermines the right of parents to bring up their children in accordance with their religious beliefs.

On behalf of British Muslims, the British Muslim Forum requests MPs that during the debate in Parliament on 25th February, they support parents to be able to opt their child out of sex and relationships education lessons.

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