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The BMF condemns President Trump’s statement on Jerusalem and calls for the British Government to do more

The British Muslim Forum, echoing the sentiments and concerns of British Muslims, strongly condemns President Donald Trump’s statement on Jerusalem being the capital of Israel and the intent to relocate the United States...
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BMF calls for the British Government to do more to stop the massacre of the Rohingya

The world’s most persecuted minority, the Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar (Burma), is currently facing the terror of another bloody military campaign against them. Hundreds have been killed, tens of thousands...
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Barcelona Attack: BMF condemnation of the terror attacks in Spain

The British Muslim Forum (BMF) most strongly condemns the evil, cowardly acts of terror that occurred yesterday in Spain. Our hearts and thoughts go out to all victims of this abhorrent act which has left 14 people dead...
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